Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pomp & Clout

Pomp&Clout is a Brooklyn-based visual communication / brand firm, making film and graphics. How great. They are great, though. They have various corporate clients, including Apple, Nike, Mazda, Visa, Carnegie Mellon and Mad Decent, among others. Particularly 'now' are their recent music video projects, such as the 80's vector-inspired Dre Skull - I want You and analogue-noised Jeffer for Boys Noize. Good work. And as they have the hardware and human resource to create good motion content, they've even made some interesting video-promos for their own party, 'Lovelife'.

And whereas I usually enjoy the assumption that people from decades bygone were lesser intellectuals than our civilised bunch today, I am again proven wrong. Shockingly. Have a look at Len Lye, who scratched and marked frames to achieve comparable patterned distortion, as in the 'Swinging the Lambeth Walk' video. In the 1930's.

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