Monday, October 26, 2009

Neill Boomshank

Neil Blomkamp is South African and you might therefore expect him to be a chauvinist racist. But Niell is a geek, and that has overridden his social predispositions. Instead he’s followed a band vegan Boers on a notable trail of digitalism and responsibility!

Neill is only 30 years old (born 1979!), and has worked on various ad projects as special effects supervisor, accumulating skills that have allowed him to assemble hand-held analogue with believable digital effects. More recently he has directed some bigger-budget enterprises, including a Halo preview (you are an idiot or a girl if you don't know about this) and District 9 with Peter Jackson. Which old Wacko derived from Blomkamp’s original, 6-minute short ‘Alive in Joburg’. In which I just noticed D9’s protagonist, Shartlo Copley at 3:18. Gr8.

And he did the Citroen C4 advert with the transformer rip-offs (a transformer would never morph into a C4! Don’t mess about. F-16s and Mustangs, son), and David Guetta’s track over them!? Check his filmography on wikipedia.

But anyway, the main point of this post is that Neill has conceptualised and visualised one of the best exo-suits ever, easily among the greats of Matrix’s APU and Aliens’ Powerloader. Enjoy it.

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