Friday, September 4, 2009


[Jonathan Schipper's installation "215 Points of View" on display at Pierogi's Boiler space during art fair week 2009]

I came across this chap, Jonathan Schipper, on his quest to uncover our humanity, with his project ‘Invisible Sphere’ (above). A 5.5 foot diameter sphere covered with video monitors & surveillance cameras, each monitor displays a live video feed from a camera placed on the opposite side of the sphere. The sphere can be rolled around in its environment and is a surveillance device that reveals what is just beyond it. Its scale & mobility defy secrecy. It’s an example of his narrative ability, which could be put to good cinematic effect. And in fact reminds me a bit ofthe film 12 Monkeys.

The Brooklyn-based artist's favored mediums are mechanics, video and sculpture, and some of his animatronic creations are as acute as they are disturbing. Check out the project videos on his site , they clarify a lot. Also, a visit to the artists' studio, on the 'Cool Hunting' Youtube channel.

Overall he seems like the kind of man whose drinks invitation you should decline, as his Victorian-theme party in the woods would turn out to be an elaborate bluff, and he would probably just cast you into his next sculpture or shank you with a pneumatic axe.

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