Thursday, August 20, 2009

Speaking In Code

Berlin is renowned for its rave scene, of which techno is a significant part, its success outside the Bavarian foothills probably attributable to a lack of dubious German lyricism. Since its 90's heyday of silly acid-induced synths, it has developed into an intellectualised, rational genre. German and similarly fond Dutch sympathizers have voiced complaints at the 'noise' that UK producers rack up, and conversely boast at the simplicity and understated power of Techno in comparison. While it has taken me a while to feel exited about, techno is listenable and hypnotic, and its consistent, well-produced riffs are particularly useful during extended Berlin nights.

The scene is bizarre and filled with enigmatic hopefuls, and I was bare pleased when I stumbled across Director/Producer Amy Grill’s documentary ‘Speaking In Code’ which follows some of the hopefuls. The official site nd featured links explain more. Synopsis:

‘Speaking in Code is an intimate account of people who are completely lost in music. A heartbreaking and lighthearted documentary, it's a vérité glimpse into the world of techno. Captivating and entertaining, the film takes you around the world, following the people who make electronic music ... their lives.’


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