Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pyramid or Cube?

[Above: Daft Punk’s Pyramid set: crowd shot merged with pyramid interior detail, revealing analog synths, light boards, Ableton, moogs and laser consoles; Video stills from De Crecy's live 'Beats and Cubes' performance]

Everyone will be familiar with Daft Punk 's Pyramid (above), which set a precedent for performance architecture. Reevaluating the genre and straying from surface-mounted installations, Etienne de Crecy 's 'Cube' uses 3d camera mapping and 3 high-powered projectors that project onto a 2oft., 3x3x3 frame, covered in a fine net, creating ethereal, beat-matched light volumes in the dark. The lightweight construction is a refreshing innovation and is moreover cheaper and more transportable. De Crecy plays perched smugly in the midddle cube.

Cube Video

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